What is expected of me?

Show up and participate actively

Email me ahead of class if you are sick and unable to attend class. Unexcused absences, late arrivals, early departures, and disruptive behavior (including non-course related computer or phone use and side conversations) will adversely affect your participation grade.

Complete all assignments on time

Because this course is short and moves quickly, it is essential that you complete assignments on time. If you don’t, you will likely fall behind and perform poorly in the course. I will apply a fairly strict submission policy so that you stay on track and I can grade and return your assignments quickly:

  • Online reading quizzes and Datacamp labs submitted less than 24 hours late will earn you 50% of the original score. You will get 0% if you submit them more than 24 hours after the deadline.
  • Your grade on the homework assignments, the final/midterm projects, and the paper analysis will be reduced by 10% of the original score if you submit less than 2 hours late, 20% if you submit less than 12 hours after the deadline, and 50% you submit less than 48 hours late. I will not accept assignments that are over 48 hours late. Please verify that you have submitted the final versions of all required files; if you want to correct your submission after the deadline, the above late policies will apply.

You don’t have to wait until the last minute to do your assignments. Thus, noticing and emailing me about an ambiguity in an assignment last-minute,  experiencing internet/computer issues, or suffering intermittent, minor illness will not constitute grounds for extensions.

If you believe I have made a mistake when grading one of your deliverables, submit a written appeal by email within one week of receiving your grade back. Your appeal should reference specific question number(s) or page(s) and include a detailed rebuttal. I may choose to regrade other parts of your submission at my discretion, and your grade on the assignment could be increased or reduced.

Help me help you

Please reach out if you think you are struggling with the material. I want to help you succeed in this course; the sooner you come by my office hours, the better. If you receive a grade below B— on any assignment, please schedule an appointment with me to discuss how to improve your work. You can sign up for my office hours here.

While I’m happy to answer questions over email, the fastest way to get your questions answered is to post it to the Ed Discussion forum on Sakai. The forum has sub-pages corresponding to each course theme and homework assignment. I will drop by and answer questions each work day, and I encourage you to help your fellow students whenever you’re able to as well. I typically answer my emails within a business day, i.e., not on weekends.

I will make every effort to ensure that students are fully able to participate in this course. If you require any academic accommodations due to a documented disability, please contact the Dean of Undergraduate Studies through the standard DKU process. If you need my help with this process, please contact me as soon as possible. Any information you provide will remain confidential.

Don’t cheat

You are expected to complete assignments in accordance with the DKU community standard. Violations will be investigated and referred as appropriate, and may cause you to fail the course (see the University Bulletin and the Student Handbook).

Cheating will likely take more time than not, and students who cheat almost always do worse in the course than they otherwise would. Instead, please reach out to me as quickly as possible if you find yourself struggling with the material, cf. above — sooner is always better than later.

If collaboration is permitted for a given assignment, it will be clearly stated. You are responsible for familiarizing yourself with the policies that apply to each assignment, and to ask (preferably in Ed Discussion) if you are unsure.